Asset Control and Management

Savings in transportation maintenance costs

Technology in your hands

GIM is the most effective tool for computerized maintenance and asset management. It fully integrates the activities of the asset organization, planned (preventive, predictive, conductive) and unplanned maintenance departments, incident management, multiple warehouse management (orders, suppliers, billing, purchases, etc.), human resources (own and subcontracted), among others.

GIM generates all the necessary documentation, such as work orders, reports, histories, graphs, barcode labels, etc., which facilitate management work, objective decision making, as well as obtaining ISO type certifications, QS, etc.


We have developed an entire engineering system for collecting (non-invasive) real-time data for vehicles, which provides us with information on odometers, hours of operation, oil temperatures, antifreeze, engine load, activation or not of external systems mounted on main equipment. , use of the brake, accelerator, clutch, and so on up to more than 70 variables (depending on the vehicle model), in addition to instantaneous and historical positions, control of routes to follow, control of inactivity times, delivery monitoring, etc.


GIM makes our application hosting platforms available to its clients. Through this service, the client only has to connect via the Internet to access their application and pay a monthly payment to access the application. It frees the client from the need to buy servers, operating systems, databases, backups, etc. You just have to have an internet connection and that’s it.


Through this service, the client pays a monthly fee as payment for the use of the software. This mode ALREADY INCLUDES the use of GIM v2014 licenses , maintenance service, and technical support and version updates. You do not have to pay any other fee.


Personalized technical support through telephone, email or remote access.


Because your program has the latest news, Tcman includes the update service through which you will have the latest versions of GIM .


Customization of the GIM program : depending on the needs of each company, GIM is fully customizable. The GIM program responds to all the requirements that your company needs so that you have the most effective tool adapted to your needs.


At GIM we are sure that a good maintenance program requires adequately trained personnel to get the most out of the investment made by the company.