IGEN Networks Corporation

Creating a Safer World Commercial Fleets and Driver Behaviour Supply-Chain and Asset Management

Igen Networks is a public company focusing on delivering state of the art technology to its customers with the ongoing philosophy of providing the best of the best options to fully automate and prepare our customers for the breathtaking future upon us..

GPS Platform Medallionpro is a comprehensive ecosystem for vehicle control, both individual and fleet.

It includes the management of location history, travel analysis, driver driving patterns within a given time, considering how many times they exceed the speed limit, abrupt accelerations and braking, off-hours driving, excessive RPM, correlation of fault codes vs. drivers, and complete fleet management, operation schedules, driver assignments to units, route compliance, fuel efficiency, service hours, etc.

It aims to provide the customer with a one-stop-shop to obtain, in a single platform, a system that meets the expected functionality.


What We Do?

  • Telemetry and Satellite Tracking

It offers its customers security for the control and location of their vehicles

  • Logistics and Technology Consulting to automate distribution centers (WMS RFID)- To automate and systematize supply chain processes (requirements planning, storage, distribution and transportation).
  • Asset control and maintenance management

It is the most effective tool for computerized maintenance and asset management. It fully integrates the activities of the asset organization, planned maintenance… departments.

+ 25 years

Experience in programs in Mexico, Spain and Central America

+ 250,000 vehicles with GPS / Telemetry
+ 80 distribution centers and warehouses with WMS RFid technology
+1,200 clients using our platform (asset control and their maintenance)